Thursday, January 28, 2010


To what extent do you need to sacrifice for love?

Sacrifice is a very powerful word. It could make or break a relationship or a person. But as you love, sacrifices will always be there. You will never learn how to love unconditionally unless you learn how to sacrifice.

We had our first fight. Arguments were thrown and tears were shed. This was not the usual fight we had before. This was different. We were different. We were mature enough to handle the situation. We still had our differences but we were able to compromise this time. Love entails sacrifices. And now, we were on the ball to do these sacrifices as a couple.

I am happy how this day ended.

I chose to love! And I am happy about it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

@ 27

Turning 27 was something I’m not excited about. I hate aging! Haha! I don’t like it when people ask me about my age. I know it’s just a number but for me, age equates responsibilities. At this stage, I need to start fixing myself…. my life. I need to be more serious about everything now. I’m not getting any younger. There’s still more dreams to reach, more goals to achieve.

Last year was not a great year for me. The year started so bad. It ended, still with tears in my eyes. There were problems that were not solved, so many unanswered questions, failed hopes and shattered dreams, friendships and hearts broken. Every scar leaves a mark, it was hard for me then. I’m not trying to find the answers to all my questions anymore. All I want to think about is the present, what I have now. You have control of everything that’s happening to you. That’s what I’ve learned. You can choose how to live. Choose your life, and then live it!

2009 has taught me a lot of things, how to be a stronger person, how to love myself more, how to value the people who loves me and cares for me, how forget the past and deal with the future. Dwelling with your past will not do you any good. It would just bring back pain and remorse. You don’t need any of that in your life. I have a journal of the things I’ve learned and will be learning as I journey through life. I plan to share this to my kids as they grow up. I hope that this will help them to be tough kids like me. Tough times don’t always last, but tough people do.

As the year ends, I was excited about the coming year. I know 2010 will be a great year for me. Having a great perspective in life, a loving family and supportive friends, I know I’ll be great! I thought of having resolutions this year. I’m making a promise to myself to fulfill all of these before the year ends. I plan to become a better person this time. And I hope, I’ll do better in life this time too.


1. Be closer to God.
2. Love myself more and love life.
3. Spend more time with my family and friends.
4. Spend wisely! Save more! No impulse buying this year.
5. Make time to do things that I love like reading, dancing and lomo-ing. =)
6. Find a new hobby (swimming or boxing).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Last Dance

I decided to take it, one last time.
No questions.
No promises.
No false hopes.

Just me, being happy.
Letting fate write my own love story.

I’m going to have this one last dance with love again.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bucket List # 4: Hairless!

Every woman's dream! ♥
I didn't think I can have summer perfect skin.
Thanks to Belo! Now, I'm flawlessly hairless!

Who is she?

One night, she was a different person. Someone told her that she has changed. She did! She’s been hurt, things happen and she was lonely. People change because of those things. She was never alone but she always feels like she is. You can never judge a person by that. She was hurt and she needs to move on.

This is her, moving on.
Living her life as her own.
She needs to be free.
No one owns her now.
These are part of who she is right now.