Monday, August 23, 2010

Cute and Sweet

While inside the church yesterday, a super cute boy caught my attention. He was with her mom. They came late to hear mass and sat in front of us. At the back of my head I was thinking, “Naku, mag-iingay na naman ‘to!” Most kids inside the church just play around and make noises, especially the toddlers, they cry a lot. Not sure why some parents bring a 1 or 2 year old baby inside the church. They don’t even understand what’s happening. Some adult ones just hear mass also for the sake of saying they go to the church every week. But you see them chatting with friends or playing with their phones.

But first time ever, I saw this kid sitting and kneeling and singing with his mom. I think he’s around 6-8 years old already. He’s so sweet and cute! He doesn’t want to sit in the chair. He wants to sit in his mom’s lap all the time. He even closes his eyes while singing “Ama Namin.” Then it hit me! I want a baby boy! Before, it doesn’t matter if my first born will be a girl or a boy. But after seeing the love of this kid to her mom, I want a baby boy already! A super cute, loveable, sweet baby boy! I will teach him how to play basketball, play the guitar and do some crazy stuff with me! I don’t have a brother so I want another man in my life, aside from my dad and soon-to-be-husband (if I get married). Hahaha!

Imagine you’ll have a cute and sweet kid like this one, what more can you ask for?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

PostSecret: Getting Married

Since most of my friends are getting married, I want to ask them this…..

Are you more excited in planning the wedding than getting married?

Some women love the idea of getting married. But once they step into the real world or marriage, they easily give up, they want out. Too late to realize that there’s no easy way out. After all the time exhausted in planning, all the money spent on the church, hotels, caterer, gowns, flowers and all. Suddenly, the planning was just the happy part. Living as a married couple is not. It’s more challenging that picking what flowers to use for the entourage. Looking for a place to live is difficult than find a hotel or restaurant for the wedding reception. Dealing with your neighbors is way more exhausting than choosing your entourage. At one point, marriage was not as fun as planning it.

But you swore to stay together through thick and thin. You promised to stay together until death. It’s your obligation to stay married and work on your marriage as long as you live. This goes to all husbands and wives (not just the wives). So, to all my friends out there, marriage is not a game. You say your “I DO’s” because you want to die with that person. Remember your promise to God, to yourself, to your partner and to the world. Stay with your partner and work on your marriage!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Growing up!

Sorry, I’ve been busy lately. Busy with not so important stuff. So, there are so many things that happened to me for the past few weeks… or should I say months? :D I had a lot of thinking to do, with my life, my career and family as well. There are some changes in our house lately, still manageable but I can’t help but be worried at times. But I know my dad will take care of it. He’s best at taking care of this family. My life is getting better now, with love, career, friends and family.

I went to Hong Kong again this year and traveled to Macau as well. This time, I was able to appreciate the country more. I love everything about Hong Kong. There’s nothing much to see in Macau though, this city is just for shopping and gambling.

Hong Kong is different. The bridges, the train, the shopping center, the parks and streets. It was different from Manila. If I were to live somewhere else, Hong Kong will be on top of my list. Visiting this country for the 2nd time made me think about my career. If I really want to put up my own business, I need to work somewhere else to save money and get back to open a business here. Should I leave? I started to live alone 2 years ago but still, I’m still in Manila. I go home on weekends to be with my family. But if I were to leave the country, can I still live on my own? Far away from my family, friends and loved ones? This is a big decision for me. I’m not getting any younger. I’m turning 28 in a few months and I really need to think of my future already. Time to grow up, lady!