Thursday, August 19, 2010

PostSecret: Getting Married

Since most of my friends are getting married, I want to ask them this…..

Are you more excited in planning the wedding than getting married?

Some women love the idea of getting married. But once they step into the real world or marriage, they easily give up, they want out. Too late to realize that there’s no easy way out. After all the time exhausted in planning, all the money spent on the church, hotels, caterer, gowns, flowers and all. Suddenly, the planning was just the happy part. Living as a married couple is not. It’s more challenging that picking what flowers to use for the entourage. Looking for a place to live is difficult than find a hotel or restaurant for the wedding reception. Dealing with your neighbors is way more exhausting than choosing your entourage. At one point, marriage was not as fun as planning it.

But you swore to stay together through thick and thin. You promised to stay together until death. It’s your obligation to stay married and work on your marriage as long as you live. This goes to all husbands and wives (not just the wives). So, to all my friends out there, marriage is not a game. You say your “I DO’s” because you want to die with that person. Remember your promise to God, to yourself, to your partner and to the world. Stay with your partner and work on your marriage!

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