Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I’ve been stressed lately with all the changes happening with work. Dealing with clients and difficult people are one hell of a job. And if you don’t know how to deal with too much pressure, you’ll be dead! Literally! It’s either you kill yourself, or your boss will kill you. Hahahaha!

But seriously, how do people cope up with stress?

Stress has never been good in my system. I just gained 5 lbs!!!!

Aberlin live in Manila

Anberlin was awesome! They performed live last March 9 at A.Venue music hall and it was jam packed! They sang a few of my favorite songs and a few songs from their new album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place. Nathan has this amazing drum set that has sparkling crystal on it. How cool was that? Stephen, himself, was incredible too. Such an amazing, loveable voice! I love the new members as well. The experience was epic! They sang Take Me as their final song (with all the confetti) and promised to be back soon.

♪♫♪ I wanna break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment (stay in this moment)
For the rest of our lives
Is it over now hey, hey, is it over now

I wanna be your last, first kiss
That you'll ever have
I wanna be your last, first kiss ♪♫♪

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pray for us!

During my stay in Boracay, something tragic happened in Japan. A 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Sendai, Japan and destroyed the city. A tsunami alert was raised in the nearby countries, including Philippines. Our families were worried that a tsunami might hit Boracay. It was scary but since CNN mentioned that the island will not be hit rather other parts of the Philippines, I started to calm down. But watching the news in the hotel makes me shiver. Let’s all pray for Japan and hope that nothing worst will happen to the world. Maybe, it’s God calling us to change and make the world a much better place rather than stealing, killing and destroying His wonderful gifts.

People, let’s pray for the safety of everyone! Keep the world safe!