Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reporting for Duty

Life is wonderful if you know how to live it....

"Live life day by day" is what my good friend tells me whenever I come ranting about the worries of the future.

I started to accept life as it is now. Whatever comes, accept it! No resentment!

Just learn from any mistakes that comes in this wonderful journey.
Live life as God planned it for you. Don't give God instructions on how He should plan your life, just report for duty!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PostSecret: Subway Joy

Do you ever sing when you're alone?
Even if you do not have the voice at all?
I do!

I sing when I drive, when I take a shower, when I clean my nails, when I cook, when I clean the house, when I do my bedtime rituals. Hahahaha! I sing whenever I can.... and when I am ALONE!

It's me reminding myself to cheer up and not worry about life that much.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I’ve got this funny feeling inside my head
I won’t tell you, I’ll change the topic instead
It’s a different occasion for separate times
It’s a question with no answer, a poem with no rhymes

I’ve got a strange feeling for some strange eyes
The look in the mirror was a big surprise
It could never be the same nor duplicated
It was mine and never to be imitated

Sick of being alone, sick of being at home
But I ain’t sick of using the phone
If there’s one wish I was to be granted
I would choose the love nobody expected

Is it the song that makes my heart sings?
Or maybe the joy your laughter brings
It was a simple word for silence, simple yet complicated
It made my life so confusing, I think that I was intimidated

It was a 4 letter word that stuck in my head
It made me awake even if I slept all day in my bed
I always seem to forget the words I used to remember
‘Cause there was fear that could remain forever

The fear of giving myself for a certain reason
My heart was locked up and jailed in prison
I really feel that I can’t stand this illusion
For a certain conclusion, for just a silly question

But maybe sometimes, that will never come
I don’t know when but it might hurt some
It’s not fever that I feel, and I’m not acidic
Hey!!! Would you believe I’m lovesick??!!

Time will come and time will tell
And you might know it as well.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


when tomorrow comes for you,
know that there is o place
that you can hide.
i will find you,
seek you out in your refuge
and lay myself down
at the edge of your borders.
my love will find you
and try as you might,
as hard as you wish that
i will grow tired,
i will be waiting there
just within your reach.
for if you should find yourself
troubled by the madness of your own,
that which you will not share with me,
you will find comfort in my arms,
still anxious to love you and carry
your sorrow, suffering and hate.
though you might turn away
and hide yourself again every time,
these arms will let you go.
then, in a cycle, i will find you
and you might come to me
then you will run
and again, i will search
and i will wait
until waiting has no patience no more.

- anonymous -