Thursday, May 12, 2011


I’ve got this funny feeling inside my head
I won’t tell you, I’ll change the topic instead
It’s a different occasion for separate times
It’s a question with no answer, a poem with no rhymes

I’ve got a strange feeling for some strange eyes
The look in the mirror was a big surprise
It could never be the same nor duplicated
It was mine and never to be imitated

Sick of being alone, sick of being at home
But I ain’t sick of using the phone
If there’s one wish I was to be granted
I would choose the love nobody expected

Is it the song that makes my heart sings?
Or maybe the joy your laughter brings
It was a simple word for silence, simple yet complicated
It made my life so confusing, I think that I was intimidated

It was a 4 letter word that stuck in my head
It made me awake even if I slept all day in my bed
I always seem to forget the words I used to remember
‘Cause there was fear that could remain forever

The fear of giving myself for a certain reason
My heart was locked up and jailed in prison
I really feel that I can’t stand this illusion
For a certain conclusion, for just a silly question

But maybe sometimes, that will never come
I don’t know when but it might hurt some
It’s not fever that I feel, and I’m not acidic
Hey!!! Would you believe I’m lovesick??!!

Time will come and time will tell
And you might know it as well.

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