Tuesday, May 3, 2011


when tomorrow comes for you,
know that there is o place
that you can hide.
i will find you,
seek you out in your refuge
and lay myself down
at the edge of your borders.
my love will find you
and try as you might,
as hard as you wish that
i will grow tired,
i will be waiting there
just within your reach.
for if you should find yourself
troubled by the madness of your own,
that which you will not share with me,
you will find comfort in my arms,
still anxious to love you and carry
your sorrow, suffering and hate.
though you might turn away
and hide yourself again every time,
these arms will let you go.
then, in a cycle, i will find you
and you might come to me
then you will run
and again, i will search
and i will wait
until waiting has no patience no more.

- anonymous -

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