Monday, May 18, 2009

new thoughts

I want to buy my 1st car. Not so fancy. Something I can use everyday. Someone I can trust when I want to go around the city when I’m alone or depressed or sad or even happy. This would be my 1st intangible BFF. Hahaha! I think I can live without a cellular phone as long as I have my own car. And this year, I will buy one! I will have one!!

I want to do boxing! Anyone interested? Any suggestions? I want to try Elorde in Katipunan Extension. I have a friend who told me it was nice. I haven’t inquired about it yet but I will find time to have a new hobby. I’m looking for a boxing gym near my place in Pasay too so I can still do boxing when I’m in the south.

Calling all girlfriends!!! Let’s go!!! Time to be sexxaaaayyyyy!!!!! =D

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