Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bucket List # 3: Tattoo

Ever since my dad had his Joker tattoo in his forearm, I’ve been wanting to have my own skin art. I do not have an exact design that time though but it’s been on my mind ever since. I envy those who have the courage to ink their bodies. They say it’s so painful that’s why I’m having doubts at first. I’m scared of needles. Hahaha! Until I saw Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. Damn! I want the chant in her left shoulder blade written in Khmer script, the language of Cambodia. It was a prayer to protect her Cambodian adopted son. From afar, it looks like a bar code. That’s the reason why I liked it. And now, I want one on my back as well. I want the prayer for serenity and the passage from Psalm chapter 6. I’m still choosing between the two. So I think I won’t be having this one anytime soon. It’s quite big, I’ll start with something small first.

A friend of mine told me about having my tattoo personalized. To think of why I want to put a certain design on my body. It’s going to be permanent so why not have it my way. It makes sense! Having a tattoo that you can call your own, your own idea and perspective. No duplicates! The Light Grenades album cover caught my eye that day; it was my favorite band’s album, Incubus. It was a heart with an eye inside a grenade. It was so emo, so me!! Haha! Then I thought of having a tattoo on my ankle, an emo heart. But it has so many meanings to it. So, I started thinking why I wanted that. Then I remembered a saying about Love. “Love is not blind, it sees but it doesn’t mind”. That’s how I love. I give it all without asking something in return. Even if I do not get the results I wanted, I still choose to love. Even if it’s painful. Then I told myself, this one, I’ll have it personalized.

I went to Cebu recently and there was a famous tattoo artist in the City of Talisay, Ian Cabrido. I paid him a visit. I told myself that if he is really that great and he can give me a design of my emo heart, then I’ll have my 1st skin art done. I told him the story about my heart. I want people to see love and pain and hope when they see my emo heart. And here it is. A bleeding and hopeful and loving heart. With this, I know I can love again no matter how many times I get hurt.

Artist: Ian Cabrido
November 13, 2009
Talisay City, Cebu


Gian said...

nice! i have always wanted one too! but my dad will kill me if i do... :(

here are my thoughts on what i want to have...

"Mi Patria Filipinas" - My motherland, Philippines


"Live, Laugh, Love"

but i dont know where and how to put it, what font, what size, what dialect or character... ewan ko ba... i've always wanted to get myself inked, but just the thought of my father not liking any of his sons having one, parang hindi ako makatuloy tuloy... hahaha!

but yeah, i envy you for having one! its nice!

♥ Anna ♥ said...

my dad didn't know about this also. hahahaha! but my dad have a couple of arts in his skin too. so, i can win an argument if he finds out. thanks for your comment! get one na! =)