Friday, February 5, 2010

When You Lose Control

When I was alone, I felt that my world was falling apart. I failed in love, I lost some of my good friends, and I’m still fighting about this feeling of what the hell to do with my life. I lost control of myself. I did some stuff that I wish I didn’t. I was trying to save myself.

I met new friends along the way. Some of them stayed, some of them were gone now, and the others didn’t really matter. I have learned so many things from my past. Although I regret some of the actions I took, but all of those things made me a stronger person. I took the risk and I failed…. But I learned!

People can still change. I can still change. This year, I plan to re-create myself. With my family and friends, the people who love me, the people who stayed and will stay with me, with them I know I can do better this time, in life and in love.

When you lose control, you lose yourself too. There’s only one way to find yourself again, create yourself on your own. Be the best person you can be. Life is about taking chances, taking risks. So, take it!!! Love the people around you and let them feel how much they mean to you. Never expect, choose to be happy, choose to love and always pray to God for guidance.

I’m taking this leap again. I will jump, take control and be my own destiny.

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