Thursday, June 4, 2009

will you? can you?



All these things, we endure when we give up the one person we truly cared about. Being alone was never really an option when we’re in love. The feeling or just the thought of being in love was probably the happiest and most unexplainable feeling in the world. Sometimes we do not know why we’re in love or why we love. Sometimes we can list down countless reasons why we love someone. But when the time comes that you have no choice but to give up, to let go… Will you? Can you?

Most of us tend to be selfish when it comes to love. We only think of what can make us happy, what’s the best for us. But we’re wrong. Loving is not just about ourselves, it’s about the other person --- the person you care for, the person you trust, the person who makes you laugh, the person who wakes you up in the morning with a smile, the person who kisses you without warning, the person who brings you chocolates when you’re stressed at work, the person who hugs you after an argument, the person you’re proud having in your life, the most honest person you know, the person who can easily make you smile for not doing anything, the only person who calls you boo / babs / bebs / brads (or what have you), the person you truly love.

Yes! Yes! And yes! It’s all about him!!!

When you love, it’s aptly to think about yourself first before getting into a relationship or even in getting out of one. But what if he just loves you because of what you can give to him, would you still battle in his heart?

Can he love you for the things that you cannot give?
… Would that be enough for him?

What if he’s not happy anymore?
… Would you still fight for it?

Would you let go to see him happy instead and lose the fight?


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