Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Love!

Taken at my office workstation

This is a month delayed, I know! I've been busy with life. :))

Last month was my birthday month and you know that means? January is all about me. What I want to eat, where I want to go, what I want to buy and anything I want to do. My birthday celebration at home was somewhat different. It was our family’s post Christmas celebration. Everyone was there and we did have fun. It’s everyone’s birthday too with all the gifts we received that day.

Yo took me out on a date that night. Shopping, ribs, burger, fries and wine. We’re getting used to drinking red wine these days. We don’t like drinking beers and hard drinks anymore. Does it come with the age? Damn! We’re old! Hahahaha! I don’t care! I love it and it’s good for my heart (as long as I don’t finish 1 bottle everyday). :D We also had an overnight get away in the city. We tried to escape the troubles of life by locking ourselves somewhere where nobody can haunt us. *wink* I know what you’re thinking right now. Sorry, I’ll stop your fantasies right there. That’s not exactly it. We enjoyed the day walking, eating, swimming, drinking and talking. It’s always nice talking to him. I hope to spend more nights like these with him.

And then, my lovely team surprised me when I get back from my birthday vacation. Mala Amnesia Girl and surprise nila. I am very blessed with good friends in my life. Thank you for all the well wishes. My Amnesia Girl, by the way, is a local film which I love. It’s a romantic-comedy film that uses cheesy, corny pick-up lines. It was my first local film date with Yo also. Napilit ko sya manood ng tagolog movie after 3 years of being together. That movie made us laugh.

There are a lot of things I bought also for myself. IPhone (this was purchased way in advance! hahaha! shoes, dress, bag, and recently, fisheye ripcurl) Sigh! What a great way to start the year. But starting today, no more shopping for me. *fingers crossed* I need to save more. I’m not getting any younger! This is for my kids, you know? Friends, please pray for me. :D

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