Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maring PH

Today, I battle with the rest of my 70+ employees as we brave the storm “Maring.” Yesterday was still manageable at work but today was different. I received a phone call from my mom that our home was already affected by the flooding in the area (that sucks!) and I was texting all my line managers to check on their safety as well as their teams. At the same time I was asked by my 7 bosses for some urgent deliverables. Today was not a good day for everyone. Work was easy to deliver what I cannot fathom is seeing my people stranded in the office with no food. Yes, they have shelter but times like this, they should be with their family (aren’t we all?). I know I can only do so much for them. I welcome them in my home for shelter, for food and for anything else that I can give. I hope those people who can help will provide assistance without the order. This is the time we need to unite as Filipinos. Let’s pray for the Philippines. 
Flooding below the flyover on Osmeña Avenue in Makati City. Photo by Rem Zamora for

#MaringPH Emergency Hotlines and Online Resources

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