Friday, May 30, 2014

Let your heart heal.

The universe is very powerful. It works in ways you don’t even understand. One day, you were desolate. The next day, you were all blissful and giddy. I find it uncanny now that I can laugh about the events from the past, the things that once brought me pain and misery. 

Back then, I was afraid of being on my own, I hate being alone. I was used to being with someone, whether it be a friend, my sister or my mom, or a loved one. I hate watching movies alone, I hate dining alone, and I most definitely hate the idea of traveling alone. I always wonder what people might think if they saw me walk in the park on my own. But then I realized that the minute I start caring about what other people think about me is the minute I stop being myself. 

So, I decided to conquer my fear and just be…… me. 

I started watching movies alone. I didn’t mind asking a table for 1 person at all. And now, I enjoy traveling on my own, getting lost in a strange and lovely city is so liberating. It changed me. Traveling into different cities and countries help me heal. I now love the person I’ve become. 

I am healed.

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