Thursday, May 1, 2014

Are you in love? Or are you just comfortable?

You saw him. He asks for your number. You had late night conversations. You talked over dinner. You had coffee/movie dates. You shared stories and problems. You argue. You had misunderstandings. You forgive. You laugh together. You cried together.

You fell in love with him. He made you feel special. He cooks for you. He brought you flowers and chocolates. He sings/dances for you. He makes you smile when you’re down. You spent years together. You became a better person because of him. He made you feel loved.

Then, he cheated on you. You were broken. You felt so worthless. You felt anger, betrayal and disgust. The one person you thought you’ll marry was the same person who smashed your dreams into pieces. You’ll never see marriage the same way again. You became bitter. He stole your light. He stole your confidence and self-worth. Nothing was left.

He confessed. You accepted him, his insecurities and gave him another chance. You forgive but you never moved on. You fight. You make up. You fight again. It gets worse every time. You grew apart. And after a while, you had to let go.

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