Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I am not alone.

Feeling lost? It's ok. You are at the right place. This is the right time. Every single choice you've ever made has brought you here because this is where you need to be.

You are supported by the earth below and watched over by the skies above. You are a divine being of light, and you are not alone. Light surrounds you. Love surrounds you. It emanates from your very being.

If you ever forget, just place your hands on your heart. Close your eyes. Listen. That feeling, your heart beating inside of your chest? That's it. It's right here. Love can not be lost. You can not be lost. You can lose your way, yes, but you can never be lost because love is at the essence of your soul, and love is always present. How can you be lost when your full of love?

The next time you lose your way, know that it's only a ripple on the surface of the unfathomable ocean that is your life. You're here for a reason, and you're not alone.

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