Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I-On Manila Throwdown 2013

Crossfit Manila head coach, Miguel Dy Buncio, was the mind behind this year's I-On Manila Throwdown. 64 teams compete for medium RX and big RX division. Crossfitters from Batangas, Pampanga, Malaysia and Manila came with 1 goal, complete the WOD and be the champion! People from different crossfit boxes were athletes and competitors inside the WOD area but after every buzzer, after every WOD, they are cheering for one another. That's what I love about crossfit, it's really a community where you form friends and share struggles and achievements. 
Day 1, WOD area gone wild
What is Crossfit, really? It is a strength and conditioning program designed to help people gain a broad and general fitness. What do you do? Pure exercise, the natural way. Work out of the day or WOD will not exceed more than 30 minutes per day. That's all you need but it'll be an intense repetitions of different variations of exercises. No mirrors, no machines, just results. I admire those women who were able to lift weights and do pull ups and toes to bar. Cheers to girl power!!! The men were pretty amazing too! Abs kung abs ang labanan!
I did try this workout several times at Crossfit MNL. Between me and Johann, he is always (and will always be) the fit and healthy one. When Crossfit was still starting, it got him interested but never tried it until early last year and right there on our trial WOD, he enjoyed it. My 1st WOD does not involve any weight lifting. We did box jumps, burpees and push ups for 15 minutes. And man, I was about to die right after my first rep! Hahahaha! But honestly, the feeling after every WOD is fulfilling. You know your workout is really working. Why? Because your body is screaming pain!!!! But I never wanted to get that weight lifter body like other crossfit women so I'm sticking to yoga and boxing for now. But I would still try to WOD with him from time to time.

I am so proud that he was able to qualify for day 2 on this throwdown event. It was a big deal for him because it was his first team competition. I am so proud of him and his team (The Pussycats) for making it to top 14 on day 1! WOD 1, 2 and 3 are no joke! Thanks to Albright and Rhona for being supportive team mates. You did a great job!!!! You can view all the videos in my IG account.

I will continue to admire these crossfitters who have the discipline and strength in living a healthy life. I will get there soon! Lol 

 I'll see you guys on the next throwdown..... to cheer again! 

Day 2 Qualifiers

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