Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sana, wala na lang!

You know that feeling when you wish you do not know anything at all? Things might be a little different when you have the power to delete some parts of your memory. Wipe away those days when you’re burnout. Just detach that special event or a coupe of dreadful moments from your head. Or for some, erase someone from their head. This will save them from all the sleepless nights they have. Those daydreaming and the “what could have been’s”. Minsan, gusto mo na lang tumakas sa mga nangyayari pero wala ka naman magagawa. Hndi naman mawawala ang problema unless you do something about it. Some people are strong enough to face the truth. They deal with reality with open mind. For some, they tend to forget what they know. Parang wala lang nangyari. Manhid na rin!

Ayoko na mag-isip!
Ayoko na magsalita!
Sana wala na lang akong alam!
Sana, wala na lang!!!

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